Friday, June 19, 2009

Media Smedia

We had our "Media Day" yesterday, which was a grueling experience for all involved. 4 hours of pictures, videos and interviews. I know, I know, I should be thankful anyone is even interested in something I'm involved with to want to go through such a process, but that's the last thing on anyone's mind when you reach that 3rd hour or so.

It was actually a nice event there. There were a few Japanese media outlets that showed up and had genuine interest in what we've got going on. I can't say that we're the talk of the town or anything, but we are certainly raising some eyebrows around here. Now if we can go to Paris and make some noise... I think a whole heap of people will take interest in our efforts.

As for Paris, this just in... Mickael Pietrus, of the Orlando Magic, will be playing in this year's tourney. Poor Mickael, he's gotta go from guarding Kobe, to guarding Me?? No rest for the weary right??

If this training is any indication, we'll certainly be able to run with the best of em. Although the talent level here in Japan pales in comparison to what we'll be matching up with in Paris, the good thing is, everyone here runs and cuts and passes in a similar fashion to the European game. So at least in terms of style of play, we've got a solid foundation. Anyhow..only time will tell. 5 days til we leave!!

On a music note, a friend of mine is getting married next weekend. He asked me to write a song for he and his wife. And to make a lil video for it. Today we filmed the 1st few scenes of the video. I have no idea if it will turn out corny or cool, cause it's kind of a sappy song, as can be expected since it's for a wedding and all. Regardless, my 1st video will be done in the next week. Whether you get to see it or not remains to be seen!!! But I'm excited!!

Blessings and Light

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