Monday, June 15, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta!!

I don't know know how to say 'party' in japanese, but I'm pretty sure the whole world knows how to say it in Spanish!!

We had our Rising Suns blast off party last night. Team founder, Jason Hutson's vision could have never been more evident. He started his own non-profit, Ballers for Hope, (now Hope 81) just over a year ago. The premise of which is to foster community and break down cultural and social boundaries by way of using Basketball and Sports in general. When I looked at the array of faces and nations being represented last night it was a tribute to his foresight and drive. Cause that man has really poured all he has into US these past few months.

I performed for a bit and it was a cool experience. Rocking for a crowd where only half (at best) of the people, could understand my words. Yet I could see they could feel it. There was a real subtle moment, that spoke volumes to me of the growth we've had as a team. It was midway through my 2nd song, when my teammate Matsu walked over to another ballplayer Mitsi, smacked him in the back and gave him that look like, "Yo...this is Free man, Get Yo Ass Up!" And the both of them made their way to the front and got all the way live!

There was a whole crew of female Japanese ballplayers in the house too, which was real dope. It really gave that feeling that people are getting excited about our invitation and showing us all kinds of support. Thank God my Dad wasn't there. He's on an endless pursuit for grandchildren. He would've been sizing 'em up... "Oh, Geoffrey look... she's 6'4"!! " with that look in his eyes saying (whisper this) "Maybe she's THE ONE" Using his japanese-english dictionary to tell them his plans for the two of us to make him a whole starting 5 of grandbabies!! Miss ya Dad!

But all in all, it was a great night. Everyone that came through showed us all types of Love. All of which seemed to add more fuel to the fire, as we keep preparing to Represent Japan out in Paree! I can't wait.

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  1. Keep rockin them shows bro. for any and every occasion. I can't wait to get back... I'll take care of the groupies for you... yes, that will be my job. No, you don't have to pay me, not in the beginning. This is gonna work out great, thanks!