Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Countdown No More

We`re leaving out tomorrow. And there was only one glimpse of exhileration.... as I clocked out from work for the last time this week!! Don`t get me wrong.. I Love My Job! But somehow, it just doesn`t size up to playing in one of the biggest basketball tournaments on Earth.

If you haven`t recently, you should check the Rising Suns website. There are some cool videos up, that will give you an idea of what we`re getting into. Of course I`m doing every last push-up, pull-up, and sit-up I can squeeze in before departure. But ultimately, it will boil down to that moment when the jump ball goes up and where everyone`s heart is.

It was dope, my `best friend` from the neighborhood is a guy named Katsu, who works at the Yakatori stand down the street. He speaks no English, and I no Japanese. But through our telepathic powers, (the website) I managed to convey to him what we`re getting into. As I left his stand today, he gave me that stern look, pumped his fist, and said Gambatte! Which translates to Good Luck and Fight Hard. (Or something along those lines) And the look in his eyes was one I will carry along with me to Paris. Cause I could see in him a great deal of Sincerity and Pride. As if he said, Represent!

Only time will tell what becomes of all of this...but one thing is for sure... We`re Ready!


  1. Go get it in!!!!! Buckets!!!!

  2. Geoff, I am incredibly jealous of your life. It amazes me to see what some of us small-town Horseheads survivors are doing these days.