Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Friday...You ain't Got no Job..

Unlike most, Friday happens to be my day off. Despite all the hard work we've been putting in as a unit, I still manage to find time to kick back and enjoy the choas that is Tokyo. It just so happened that a friend of mine's exhibition was closing out today, so we stopped in to show love and sponge some of his work.

The exhibition featured the ceramic expertise of D.H. Rosen interwoven with the photography of Ryan Bruss. Ryan's an incredible guy, who's got a good handle on the ebb and flow of the arts out here in Tokyo. Check out his work, it's definitely on point. As for this exhibit, it was cool, nothing that will lead you to re-evaluate your place in the cosmos or anything like that. But definitely a light hearted enjoyable display. I always embrace any opportunity to speak with artists about their work. And this was no exception as both Ryan and Dan added perspective to the pieces with their anectdotes and such.

After the session at the gallery we were starving. One of my boys recommended this restaurant nearby in Ginza. So we set out on what turned out to be a hour and half long journey, ON FOOT before arriving at the restaurant. And don't you know as we walked up, my eyebrows dimmed in disbelief as he tugged on the door just to discover they were CLOSED! Unbelievable! We ended up finding a cool little Yakatori spot where they overpour your hot Sake on purpose! It's phenomenal. I told the waitress, you just made a customer for life. She didn't understand a word, but needed to be said!! As is often the case here in Japan.

Epiphany for the day: As I was walking through the train station, soaking in every possible person I could get my eyes on, I realized this basketball experience was changing my impressions of Japan on a much subteler level as well. After getting to know the guys on the team and getting a feel for their personalities and such, I now find myself being able to relate to passers by much stronger than before. I can sense their characteristics and almost feel what type of people they are. Every now and then I cross paths with a Japanese person who reminds me of someone from back home. (that's always a trip) However, now that I've got family out here, it's cool to feel that shift to a sense of interconnectedness with people I was recently feeling extremely alienated amongst. One


  1. I've always heard that an overflowing sake cup is a symbol for prosperity.

    You run into any Japanese Mikes?? I am afraid to find out either way.

    japanese を学び始めなさい!

  2. Didn't feel so prosperous the next day!

  3. You must take me to that Yakitori spot!