Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That Santa Cruz Magic

It's said that years back, Native Americans traveling down the California coastline actually looped out of their way to avoid the magnet that is Santa Cruz. As my 1st full year back in the states fast approaches, I can't help but agree whole heartedly with their assessment. Like it or not, this place has a way of plucking your heart strings. And it didn't take long for it to work its' magic on me.


This past Sunday was yet another testament to the brilliance that abounds here. After dropping an obscene number on some old timers that we played against in our city league score 108-52, a few of us headed up the coast for a lil taste of adventure. It turns out it was one of the guys on our squad's birthday, so we had no choice but to show em the ropes a bit out this way.

A good 40 minutes north of SC, we pulled off on a dirt road, put in the magical gate code, and ascended the surrounding hills. When we reached our destination, there were a strong 15-20 people there partying on a property that offered 360 degree (if anyone know's where the degree key is on the keyboard, please do tell!) panoramic views, and lush natural greenery to boot. It wasn't long before the owner of the property escorted us up to his 3 story tree house. Talk about a breath taking view, we could now see well over the surrounding hilltops out onto the Pacific. It was ideal.

And just as we were starting to head down, a few guys showed up with harnesses and handles. Although they previously stated they'd shut it down for the day, they were gracious enough to rekindle the flame and allow us to take a ride on their 900 foot long ZIP LINE!!!! Exhilarating is an understatement. Each of us took a couple of runs and got to hooting and hollering like 12 year-old boys. It was quite the experience.

Apparently the line itself is 150 ft up at it's highest point. But all of us were too cool to show any inhibition to jump out there and go for a ride. "I ain't no punk" was the theme for the day!!

And when it was all said and done we got to soak in a gorgeous sunset, and my homie got a nice lil peak at a different side of SC on his born day.

The Blessings Abound!!

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