Friday, October 15, 2010

The Company You Keep

As beautiful as my recent plight has been, building a band, dropping the video, hoopin at a level unprecedented, there has still remained a degree of disappointment that has lied beneath the surface. In search of therapy, I turned to my usual medications known as Vokka and Vokka! :)

I am far from a morning person and quite a strong supporter of the gradual ascent. However, I've been rising with a weight upon my spirit that I couldn't quite pinpoint or detail. Of course there was no one factor to blame for such a phase, but after some self examination, I've come to terms with a major contributor to not only my "morning sickness" (no not the Vokka!) but also my overall energetic well being. MY FRIENDS!

One of the greatest attributes of living in Santa Cruz is the beautiful community that I've been interwoven with through the years. However in recent months I've chosen to spend a great deal of time with people who are not a reflection of the highest self I aim to be. Now this is in no way a judgment upon them as individuals or beings, but rather a self analysis of how my moments are being spent and the depth of what's being exchanged. As I took a closer look, I became aware of how very surface level most of my conversations remained. My roomie was quick to point out that a good deal of the folks I've been kicking it with were receiving a lot from me, but not offering much in return. An interesting dynamic. Not exactly revolutionary but an eye opener none the less on because I was absolutely oblivious to the fact until she made note of it.

With that in mind, I reset my intention, not only mentally/spiritually, but also verbally. I reached out to a handful of brothas here in the area whom I hold a great deal of respect for. That being said, I kept the cap on my bottle and almost immediately began to magnetize not only those I called out to, but also other's who are resonating on a similar frequency. The results have been powerful to say the least.

There's no true measure for making a shift of this sort, but it's refreshing to feel a momentum beginning to build. Almost as if I'm just now paddling in to a wave. Although, the time hasn't come to stand up on the board yet and just enjoy the ride, the anticipation of doing so is now more visible than ever. And that alone is reason to celebrate.

One Perfect Love

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  1. I know exactly where you're comin from bro ... Been goin through the same damn thing... love the local friends but it's my college and international amigos that energize me spiritually and creatively. Glad things are changin for you...