Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Ain't all Good!

So yeah...I know I have the tendency to choose my stories on the brighter side of life...most times.. But I do feel it's important to tell the whole truth and nothing help me Buddha! And on that note....

So we were hooping in another hum drum city league game. Absolutely slaughtering our opponent...when my ace tried to split the defense with a slick lil between the legs move that ended up bouncing off the back of his heel. Inspired by his creativity and will to do the unthinkable in that situation, I gave chase to the soon to be out of bounds ball. At full sprint I attempted to scoop the ball back inbounds. Yet midway my overall sense of well being said, "Man...there are 2 double doors fast approaching...don't die!" Just then I planted my foot to begin my self preserving maneuver. However, the tile which I planted upon decided to detach itself from the floor beneath, leaving me in the most compromising of positions.. right hand still swung back toward the court (as the aftermath of the attempted save) an all my steam headed directly to wards those double doors. (This was all happening in the space of 6 feet at best.) Oh yes, the inevitable happened, as the only protection I could manage was turning my head to the side as my face slammed into the door before me, and my knee BUSTED off of the metal rod separating the two. Sucked the life outta the whole gym.

Thankfully, I stood up and limped over to the sideline with nothing but a bump on the knee to show for it. My Angels work overtime!

But yeah...just had to let it be beautiful as life ain't ALL good.

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