Monday, October 31, 2011

Transitioning Back

Thank God I've given myself a good week to return from vacay before the season starts.  I almost forgot about the phenomenon of lingering spirit.  Long ago, when I was frequenting Jamaica, I discovered that although my body may come home, it takes a good 5-6 days for my spirit to return.  So has been the case for me.  Before I left, I was highly motivated, approaching business after business in hopes of fundraising for our basketball program.  Also, aligning X's and O's to assure our plan of attack is well calculated.  Upon return, my mind is moving soooo slow, it's difficult for me to even decide which cereal to eat in the morning :)

The beauty of vacation was, I really didn't have ANY decisions to make for the last 10 days.  However, the backlash to that is, the decision making part of my brain has by grossly malnourished.  I've had more than a few laughs at myself as some of the more simple crossroads have given rise to extended deliberation.

Its not all bad though, the island vibrations are still very much at the core of my movements, as a few last second monkey-wrenches have thrown onto my coaching plate, yet my mentality has been "Deep breath".."And so it is."  A few weeks ago, I may have lost a lock or two stressing over these matters.

That being said, it is now time to gear up for the upcoming season.  As my 1st at the helm, there are more question marks than exclamations.  Especially when it comes to talent on our roster.  Regardless, in a matter of one week, all of the ideas will now be given the opportunity to take shape.  As a firm believer in the creative trinity Thought-Word-Action.  I am chomping at the bit to begin intertwining mindfulness with sport.  I remember being absolutely astonished at my body's capabilities after 1week of yoga.  Yet equally disappointed that I was 21 years old and finished with my playing career.

Of course I enter this affair with extreme optimism, but a good part of the journey will be witnessing what works...and what doesn't.  Ideas are beautiful, and I have no shortage to those.  But execution, that remains to be seen.

In all these areas...Only Time Will Tell.  I am certainly excited, anxious, and a myriad of other emotions about these forthcoming days.  Yet here, in the present, I am thankful as can be for the spiritual tune up I just received in St. Thomas.  The time for talk is now subsiding.  Action is now upon us!


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