Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On The Horizon

As basketball season draws near the anticipation is building not only for myself, but my staff as well. In less than a month, we will be leaving our stamp on the personalities and spirits of 25-30 young men in a fashion that will never be forgotten. To this day, I have a myriad of memories which I call upon from time to time with respect to every coach I've ever played for. I can only hope to make those positive ones for my players in the days to come. As we seek to solidify the dynamics of our program (offensive/defensive sets, philosophy, etc) I've decided to take a step away and place myself in an ideal environment to not only recharge my battery, but also lock in the disciplines I intend to pass on to the players. After sifting through my options, it came to my attention that I could use miles to fly just about anywhere I wanted to in the tropics. As enticing as a return to Jamaica sounded, I ended up settling :) for St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands! Thus prompting a reunion with a great friend of mine from my college days, "Star." Ironically, he was there the 1st time I donned the name "Free." It turns out, Star's been doing a bit of leg work for me down there, and a couple of my songs are already playing in rotation on the radio station 105 Jamz. Couple that with a guest appearance at a major show Friday the 14th at one of the islands' hot spots "Fat Turtle," and you've got the making of an ideal "vacation." Looking forward is an understatement. However, before doing so, I've got a good deal of business to solidify here in Santa Cruz. We've begun our major fundraising campaign for the this season. What we're selling is advertisement space in our program. After my 1st day on the town, the reception has been surprisingly delightful. I had no idea so many people in the community have connections to our school and basketball program. From the looks of things, sky is the limit for us financially. That is, IF, we ask. And I'm making it my business TO ask :) Not only here in the community, but out there in cyperspace too. If you're interested in donating to our program, you can do so here Regardless, all looks extremely bright on the horizon. For those of you who pray, please do keep my Harbor High School Boys in your prayers, not only for their health, but for added doses of patience in dealing with their new coach :) Blessings

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