Friday, February 5, 2010

Not your ordinary DMV experience

Who said a trip to the DMV has to be boring?!?
A friend of mine just reluctantly made his way back to Japan. After a 5 year stint here in the States, his visa was on the brink of expiring and despite his love affair for this country of ours, he was 'forced' to return to his homeland.

This is not a sad story, however. Before departing, he decided to pass on his whip at a very reasonable cost. One that made me smile. And aligned a trip to L.A. which proved to be monumental. (I shot my 1st 'official' music video)

Upon return, I had to take care of all the logistics. Registration, Insurance...all that good stuff. The registration bit, landed me at the DMV for a brief stint initially. Coincidentally, the lady who took care of me (whom sighed heavily as I approached as if life could be no worse,) had a picture of her grandson pasted to her wall. Her grandson who just happened to be one of the stars on our JV squad. The connection enlightened her exponentially and made for a quite the pleasant experience.

HOWEVER, the result of our exchange led to a return trip. After getting my vehicle smogged, I had to come back with the proof. THIS time, the line was damn near out the door. I looked, turned around and began walking out. Two steps toward the parking lot, a GREAT friend of mine, Krystal, comes prancing in my direction. NOOO WAAAAAY! Alright. Ok..I can do this.

So we ventured in, waited. Got our numbers and then debated on whether or not to stay. Well, she debated, I pretty much said 'fuck this, I'm out!' Don't ya know, as I headed toward the door, I ran into another friend, Donda, who happens to sing for a Brazilian band out here Sambada. We chatted about their upcoming album release and ensuing tour, before she turned the mic over to me. I mentioned just filming the video down in L.A. this past weekend and her eyes lit up!

"You have to meet my husband. He makes videos, documentaries...all that." I just smiled and he appeared moments later. Upon mentioning the video business he proceeded to mention the forthcoming Santa Cruz Film Festival competition which is for 'Best music video.' And get this, the prize for the winner is a new MacBook Pro. What so big about that? I just talked to the producer who shot the video, and he dropped his computer about an hour before I sent him the message about the contest. Rendering it, all but useless. Go Figure.

Anyhow, my friend, Krystal and I decided to stroll over to Verizon to kill some time. The convo enroute was hilarious. We peaked into DMV upon return and we were still a good 20 #'s down. "I'm feeling like Ice Cream!" she proclaimed. Music to me ears. We ventured across the street and copped some haagen daz. Sat outside and enjoyed the Cali sun. Eventually, we casually strolled back to the DMV, and the second we walked in the number was being called!!

How amazing is that!

We both handled our business, and left with our hands full of papers, but our souls rejuvenated from undoubtedly the most adventurous trip to the DMV I've ever experienced!!


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