Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye to a Legend

My stomach dropped when I saw the news. The Eagles have done the unthinkable. After 8 seasons of highlight after highlight. Marred only by recent injuries (concussions) the Philadelphia Eagles have let go of our all time leading yards gainer, Brian Westbrook.

It all makes sense from the business stand point. Aging back, questionable health, lots of money tied up in him. But DAMN, that's Brian Westbrook. He's delivered so many magical moments for this franchise. It's downright frustrating to see him shown the door on any terms other than his. Call me a fanatic, but this is where the business of sport rubs me the wrong way. After all the beatings this man has taken for this team. All the health issues that will surely plague the rest of his days, this team kicks him to the curb with no remorse whatsoever. I hate it.

Who knows, maybe we'll miraculously re-sign him for less in the future. But for the time being, we Eagles fans are being forced to say goodbye to another beloved pillar of our franchise. Thank You Brian for all the years of excitement, dedication, and playing the game the right way!

And for the record... if Mc Nabb goes, I go!! :)

Til then...Go Eagles

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