Saturday, August 1, 2009

Black is Beautiful

Please pardon any racist implications, but I cannot speak on behalf of the others. All I know is, it is absolutely beautiful to be a black man!

As I sat on the train today, half awake, half zombied out. I looked through the window at the opposite platform and caught a glimpse of a brother, awaiting his train. The angle prevented eye-contact, so I leaned over to see if he was on 'the frequency' and sure enough he was. Gave the nod, lifted his hand, and gave it that chest pump. I, instinctually, returned the nod.

Simple as it may seem, it changed my entire day. It really just lifted my spirits and put my mind in the right place for at least the next 18 seconds ;)

This made me think back to yesterday, when I was leaving Yoyogi Park. Fresh off of hoopin, I stopped and had a spontaneous chat with a guy from Senegal. There was really no Divine inspiration behind it. But it was more of an understood courtesy to acknowledge one another and share a moment, as opposed to rudely riding by and acting as if we don't see the connection.

And I'm not so ignorant to exclude people from this sort of connection. I have certainly had spontaneous convos with people from a variety of backgrounds. But there's just that thing. I can't quite put it into words (although I'm trying) That is really so cool, about being, if not Black, at the very least AWAKE! And taking the time to acknowledge that in those passing by.

Life is Good. And Tokyo continues to align just the right moments!


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