Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Dreams

About 2 weeks ago, I tweaked a muscle in my neck during a work out. Every day since, I've had a lingering 'crick' in my neck which has limited my mobility and been quite irritating. Although it hasn't been excruciating, the pain has been subtly frustrating to say the least.

So get this. Last night I had a dream which began with me awakening face down in a hospital bed. Instantly alarmed, I shouted. A doctor calmly strolled over and addressed me very matter of factly about some type of procedure they were doing. Not moved, I started going bizerk in hopes to be released. At whits end, the doctor wheeled my bed over to a mirror and proclaimed we're in the process of taking these (holding up two orange sized metal clamps) out of you.

Astonished, I glanced in the mirror to see my entire back cut wide open in a T shape running across my shoulders and down my spine. Needless to say, I had not a word to say after this.

The dream wrapped up in some uneventful fashion. And when I woke this morning.... My neck feels almost perfect. Unbelievable. Who needs health care when you can have dream surgery!

Infinite Gratitude to the Spirit World for that one

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