Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost between Hello and Goodbye

As I dip my Oreo's in milk. A tradition that has kept me rooted in my Americanism nearly every night since arriving. I can't help but reflect on the days that have defined my trip/stay here in Japan.

It all happened in a flash. Many of intentions remain unfulfilled, while many were exceeded greatly. Although music did not add up to my previous projections, I must say, I feel as if I was on the brink of breaking through some of the barriers which stood between me and destiny. (Or something like that.) The same could be said for the realm of basketball. Although my moments attested to experiences far beyond anything I'd previously done, I still felt as if I'd only brushed the surface here in Tokyo.

Yet, as is usually the case with any extensive stay in a country, what stands out most in my soul is the connections with people, friends and community out here that have sprung up in such a short time. The disappointment lies in not being able to remain here to nurture some of these connections to full fruition. However, the moments we've had have been quite venturous.

It's interesting, as the time wound down, and the end drew nearer, many of the surface interests fell by the wayside as the important things (God bless the teacher who told me to never write the word 'thing,' "there is always a better word"...but pardon me) took center stage.

What could possibly be more important than FAMILY? Although I made a great number of friends here in my time, there are 4 friends which really proved to be soul mates through and through. We all came here at the same time. And we each guided one another in our own respective ways while we continued to socialize, yet keep tabs on each other.

It's extremely ironic to speak in such depth about my Tokyo family because when I look through the pictures there seems to far more indulgence than introspection. Yet we seemed to find time for that too. Even if we forgot the next day!

Goodbyes are such a double edged sword. There's the pain of detachment. while entertaining the idea that we may never see each other again. A principal which becomes even more probable as the trips start to mount and more friends slip through the sieve of time. All this juxtapose to the extremely eloquent summaries of times shared that friends offer one another when their moments together are coming to an end.

I've been humbled by many of the expressions friends have shared this past week+. And even moreso, honored by the revelation that I've played a significant role in their recent developments. While many of them have certainly impacted me on a great scale, perhaps it's human nature to downplay one's role in another's life.

Regardless, it's been a rollercoaster of emotions this past 2 weeks. Yet as the departure neared, all I really wanted to do was kick it with family. And that speaks volumes of our connection because this city is full of potential distractions. But looking back, it's all been so majestic as the days have played themselves out.

Zooming out a bit, Tokyo has been quite an exciting chapter on the path. From the music connections, to the Rising Suns experience in Paris, to the discovery of Kyoto. This place has provided the full spectrum of experiences from triumphs to heartbreak and disappointments.

Although my overall perspective on Japanese people remains in limbo, I will say this country, and the opportunities provided within it, have left a lasting impression on my being. And even greater than that. The friends I have found here, will undoubtedly be my peoples for life!!

This is my last post from Japan. I hope to express much more in these ever-so-crucial days of transition ahead.

Blessings and Light..
And Infinite Gratitude to the Spirits of Japan which not only guided my here, but also took good care of me while navigating It's soil.
One Love

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